I'm talking about Youth, youth, youth!!

To those who don't live in Negeri Sembilan, you might not know that Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia celebrated our Youth Day on May 15, 2011 this year. Me went with me beloved Papa. Ye, saya tau rakan2 dan taulan, it was during exam. But what the heck? It was a Saturday and plus, it only took roughly 6 hours.

Got to the Sports and Youth Complex, got a parking spot near the entrance (Hell Yeah! X) )

Masuk dalam, mak oi, ada kereta kebal tuuu!

The complex is really close to my house. No wonder the past few days, my house shook several times, real bad! (teringat atuk dalam cerita Freaky Friday "Earthquake! Earthquake!")

Then tiba2 terdengar bunyi gendang and that 2 big 'plates' that they use in band. The one yang 'kaaching, kaachinggg!!' tu. And i was like "Oh God. Please don't tell me there's a lion dance"

Mulut Retro memang masin. Yes, there was a lion dance. My heart felt like it's already in my throat, bouncing real hard to get out. I felt like dashing all the way to my house. Yes, my papa doesn't know that i'm afraid and will cry whenever there's lion dance. Papa pulak tiba2 kata, "Eh eh, ada lion dance! Papa suka lion dance" with a grin on his face. Oh God. So i gave him a smile back (like i wanna kill him, plus a really sweaty face). So during the whole lion dance, i hid behind my dad. 

After that, i saw the ugliest, disastrous, creepiest balloon of Upin i've ever seen in my 16 years and 6 months of living.

Tak tau pulak Upin punya hidung kembang
dan kening dia terangkat. Macam pakai botox je.

Then there was a mini orchestra performed that day. Fuhh, sumpah best gila. From Sekolah Menengah Dato' Abdul Razak aka SDAR. I was impressed that the whole orchestra was conducted by one of them too.  A normal student. THEY MADE A MEDLEY OF LADY GAGA! If i'm not mistaken, there was Just Dance, Poker-face, Bad Romance and a few more, i think.
The cherry on top - they didn't even rehearse as it was requested. 

Memang superb habis la. Makes me miss my orchestra days :'(

Oh yes, our Menteri Besar head-banged during their performance. :) Cool kan dia?

More paparazzi shots coming up. Hahaha. These pictures are fugly. Wasn't even ready to use the manual setting, so used the Auto. Yup, my Auto is disastrous. 


My dream - To sit in a table with other politicians.
Thank you, Pa for making it real :)

He is an ADUN. Tapi eden panggil dio pakcik yo..

Papa made full-use of my camera on that day. 

the boy who made our MB a cut-and-paste book. 
Must have been really famous now.

I went to Port Dickson a few days last month for an award show. A YB came to present the awards. Saw him again at the complex. Oh, how interesting. He is a friend of my father -.-'

That's all for today, folks. I have Add. Math exam tomorrow. Wish me luck! 

Till then :)



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