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My sleepless night paid off! Didn't eat for almost 2 days, stayed back till late evening just to do it, IT'S DONE! Hah, leganya..

I'm talking about the teacher's day video, people. It barely reached my satisfactory level to be honest. I don't think it's great. But to take pictures of 89 teachers, bayangkan kalau cikgu tu tak datang sekolah, kena carik gambar diorang dekat collection of events throughout the whole year. Nak kena edit setiap satu kalau gambar tu buruk. Then combine, then buat Ken Burns on every single picture, then transitions, then double triple playback, then render, KAU INGAT SENANG?!

Though it's not that good, at least i felt satisfied when i heard the audience cheered when their favourite teachers appeared on the screen. And the look on the teachers' faces :')

Hero of the day : Pharmaton for keeping me energetic.

Do you know what it feels like when you only get to have a bite of food in the morning, then take supplement so that y…

Mata kuyu, berangin..

Hari ni saya emo sikit. Meh kita borak heart to heart.

Pernahkah anda sedar bahawa kita sebagai insan ini tak pernah berpuas dengan apa yang kita ada? Kalau anda kata kata tidak, cuba ingat kembali. Takkan walau sekali pun anda tak pernah berkata "Hitamnya aku, aku nak putih macam orang putih" And if you're not Asian, you would wanna sunbathe, true? Kenapa kita ada perasaan ni, kita tak boleh nak pertikaikan. Dah namanya manusia..

Tapi apa yang kita perlu buat hanyalah mengawalnya. Kita tak payah nak kesah apa yang orang lain ada dan kita tak ada. Apa yang kita perlu kisah hanyalah, apa yang orang tak ada, kita ada. That's what i always think and that's what will make you feel special. You don't need to have someone by your side to tell you that your special, you can tell that to you yourself ;)

If you still can't let me know, i'll tell you that you're special. Siapa-siapa pun. Hamba tak kesah.

Pernah tak kadang-kadang anda terasa macam nak jadi c…

Tumblr. A Very Inspirational One.

A Note to You My dear friend, It pains me to see you judging yourself so harshly. Sometimes, I wish I could just hug you and let you cry in my arms. My dear, no one is doing this to you except yourself. Yes, people may have hurt you in the past but today is a brand new day and you need to tell yourself that you are not a prisoner of the past. God has given you a second chance and He loves you so much that He gave you a chance to start again. Never, ever let anyone tell you that you are worthless, not precious and not good enough. Not even yourself. Those are lies and lies never edify you. You’ve been doing so well and I’m so proud of you for the great progress that you’ve been making. Don’t give yourself such unrealistic expectations because these expectations don’t exist in a perfect world. My dear, we live in a fallen world but thankfully we have God to come and rescue us. Learn to trust Him. You, my dear, are stronger than you think, smarter than you think and much more beautiful than …

I'm talking about Youth, youth, youth!!

To those who don't live in Negeri Sembilan, you might not know that Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia celebrated our Youth Day on May 15, 2011 this year. Me went with me beloved Papa. Ye, saya tau rakan2 dan taulan, it was during exam. But what the heck? It was a Saturday and plus, it only took roughly 6 hours.

Got to the Sports and Youth Complex, got a parking spot near the entrance (Hell Yeah! X) )

Masuk dalam, mak oi, ada kereta kebal tuuu!

The complex is really close to my house. No wonder the past few days, my house shook several times, real bad! (teringat atuk dalam cerita Freaky Friday "Earthquake! Earthquake!")
Then tiba2 terdengar bunyi gendang and that 2 big 'plates' that they use in band. The one yang 'kaaching, kaachinggg!!' tu. And i was like "Oh God. Please don't tell me there's a lion dance"
Mulut Retro memang masin. Yes, there was a lion dance. My heart felt like it's already in my throat, bouncing real hard to get out. I felt l…

Futsal bebehh!

Trust me, i am still limping. However, i played futsal for my Yellow house just now. (Shhh, don't tell my doctor. It'll be our dirty little secret ;) )

I don't have any pictures, unfortunately.

I was a reserved for my team because of my foot. As i was watching the game, i noticed that the other team kept getting rough. Rougher and rougher. Sampai cikgu pun cakap, "Main pelan, pelan sikit". Repeatedly!

I saw Zooe fell once. I got panicked. Hati ni pun macam cakap "Dia ni okay tak ni? Ke aku nak ganti dia?" Dia kata dia okay. Lepas tu aku nampak dia kena gasak by the opponents. Kepala dia terhentak. Aku pun macam, "Ni tak boleh jadi ni"

I hopped up and ran into the court. I told her to get out of the court and let me replace her. Ya Allah, Tuhan je yang tau betapa membaranya aku masa tu. Bayangkan lah kau nampak kepala kawan kau terhentak dekat orang lain! Orang tu pun bukannya reti nak pujuk ke, tanya dia okay ke tak! Masa tu, cikgu pun asyik c…


Last Sunday, dated 8th May 2011, we had a mini photography project. At my house. The female model is Hana Ariffin!! I can't upload all the pictures though. Kinda confidential. So i'm gonna upload some ;)


famous basikal aku..

baru lepas cuci kandang unta
LOL we had fun. Tones of fun.
Brothers and sister, lusa dah exam.  Bila nak start cuti nanti, i'll update this blog, aite? Cheers.

The Awesome-st Picture Taken At The Royal Wedding (Balcony) LOL


Feeling All Alone in a Parade

Look at this picture. Somehow, it resembles my feelings. Lots of people surrounding me, but i'm still feeling lonely and depressed. And i guess the rain agrees with me.

Sara Ber-Alice, MyChael Bublé and Josh Groban

Hello, bloggerville! I feel much better today as i managed to sort things out last night. Feeling a lot better. Lonely? Of course i still am, my brother is at the west, watching Will's and Kate's wedding, sisters at the east.. So i have YouTube to accompany me :D
Thanks, bud. You're always there when i need you. Except for when Mr. Streamyx won't allow you to.

This video by Sara Bareilles really caught my attention. It was done using a webcam most of the time. Creatively done, i must say. Plus, there were Mr. Groban, Adam Levine, and even Ryan Tedder! Oh yes, there's once when i-forgot-who ate underwater. Memangla pepatah Melayu cakap sambil menyelam minum air, tapi dia MAKAN dalam air! Gila ahh..

Only my close friends know how much i'm addicted to Michael Bublé :) I even had a post before about him, remember? ;) And after you watch this video, you'll know that Josh Groban can never be Michael Bublé and Michael Bublé can never be Josh Groban. Yes? 
They look l…