I've taken these pictures months ago. Cuma tak sempat lagi nak upload. So since i have nothing to blog about right now, i'm gonna blog about it :)

Well, i'm not gonna write about my household, wht do i have in my house and such. I'm gonna blog about how much i love the NEIGHBOURHOOD and why i do.

When i get bored. or stressed out, i'd bring my lovey-dovey camera along and walk around my neighbourhood. I'm not gonna tell you where i live, but i ot some pictures :)

we've been keeping the authenticity of this neighbourhood, which is the pokok kelapa, pokok rambutan and some other pokoks

zaman sekarang mana ada neighbourhood yang bukan 'Kampung' yang ada ayam berkeliaran!
petang-petang, angsa pun ada, tapi eden tak berani amik gambo pasal takut dikojar dek angsa!

warung pak mat. tapi masa ni dah petang sangat, dah tutup :(

a  freakishly large bougainvillea pun ada 

silver lightning

we even have christmas trees :)

and yes, we too have the inbox-filled-with-catalogs-which-are-soon-to-be-belacan-wrapper

i got love for my neighbourhood <3 <3
kalau family aku ajak aku pindah gi Damansara pun aku still hesitate



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