Assalamualaikum, everyone. My head is kinda heavy tonight. Too much in mind that i can't close my eyes and rest my mind. So to do so, I'm gonna unload the excess carriage.

Intervention or confrontation. Ever done this before? I just did. And i feel like a bag of shit. It sucks. Every effing time. I don't mind confronting people. I'm done being bullied, I was bullied through out my childhood. So now i'm kinda standing up to face all my fears. When i confront people, there's no fear at all within. Nothing. But the regrets will come afterwards when i see the face of the 'victim' of the intervention. Somehow they will show the guilt face and then, the regret dwells within. I gotta be honest. I can be a good listener but don't expect me to say a word. I'm hopeless at consoling people.

     As the 'attacker', i would only hope one thing from the victim and that is for he/she to change to a better person. Dudes and dudettes, i'm not that evil to simply confront people and make their life a living hell. And just please take it the positive way. And just don't effing show your rebellious face and your tantrum at me to maybe, frighten me or make me take a step back? Cuz it won't work for me. Not even a single percent. In fact, you're only making me more eager to tell your faults.

     I'm ready to be confronted if you want me to be the victim this time. But one thing for sure, you will be appreciated by me for doing so :)

Because confrontation, is only to show that you care for someone and not otherwise.

Thanks a lot, dear. I love you :)



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