Change Terrifies Me..

Menurut pemerhatian aku, english aku makin bersepah sejak aku stop blog in english. Nak cakap pun dah terkial-kial.. So i decided to write this post in english. Kalau terselit beberapa patah perkataan melayu tu, lantak la kau..

I went for my tuition yesterday. Saw a phrase in the paper,


This phrase has been in my mind till this minute. I thought to myself, "Change terrifies this persona, but does it terrify me?" Yes. Changes do terrify me. For example, i hate it and will have goosebumps whenever my friends tell me that i am getting more mature now. 

My perspective on 'Maturity':
To some people, being mature is a good thing. To me, it's not. Being mature means leaving my childhood and up for more responsibilities. Maturity is all about responsibility and independence. No more running and around or giggling. The world would be harsh on you. People will start saying "Hey! get real!" or "Get a life!" or "Grow up you loser!". I might be mature for real but stating the obvious hurts sometimes. I don't wanna grow up. I wanna stay in my childhood, please?

When someone tells me that i'm getting more feminine, my heart would stop. My knees would be shaking. The earth's gravity feels like it is increasing rapidly. Why? I can't accept it. 
Dude! I call you 'dude' for instance! I pick up the phone and say 'yo!' I walk like a dude! I wear jeans and shirts when i go out. I don't even own a handbag, i wear my sling bag instead. You call that feminine? What do you people see that i don't?

Changes, changes, changes... Life is all about changes, isn't it?



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