Merentas Negara

 I had cross-country or merentas desa on 19th February last month. And it was my last cross-country that i'll ever have. Pretty sad, huh? Usually, people will skip cross-country..

"I got tuition la.. Merentas desa is not even important.."
"I have family vacation la"
"My legs hurt.."

And some other reasons given by typical teenagers. Sooner or later, they'll realise that they'll miss those moments. I did come to merentas desa last year. But when i got there, people were already in the hall for the prize giving ceremony. Teehee. Retro bangun lambat la.. Sorry! At least i came what...

That's last year! Zzzztt!!

This year....

bajet masculine la sangat..

Mula-mula memang berkobar-kobar la..

start paling depan sekali tau..

Saya plan nak pecut! Siap bagitau geng lagi "Jangan lupa pecut tau!" Pastu ada la seorang makhluk ni bangkang. Dia cakap jangan. Sampai atas bukit nanti, pancit punya! Saya pun surrender je la.. Fine. Diorang nak jog, meh kita jog.

Bila diorang dah bunyikan hon, aku pun start jog. Baghal punya geng! Diorang dah pecut dulu! Aku pulak yang ketinggalan. Pastu orang belakang ni dah tolak-menolak! Sumpah kalau aku lambat sikit, boleh mati kena pijak. Aku pun start pecut. Bila aku sampai atas bukit tu, nampak la baghal-baghal yang suruh jangan pecut tu dah pancitt.. Hahahahah! Dan aku pun turut pancit sama..

Pemancit-pemancit berjalan bersama-sama

Though aiming for a place in the top 30 rank, we were sorta the last group to arrive. I can't believe it either! Never arrived this late for cross-country. It's only 3 freaking kilometers. But that place was kinda hilly. 

What a shame. A shameful ending for my cross-country journey. And my Ujian Tara too! For the first time in my life, i got disqualified for my long jump. I over-stepped the freaking board. I've never got disqualified for long jump and i usually got 2. Why now?!! Ohh, come on! Gimme a chance! It's my senior year!

Back to the story, as the pemancits reached school, we got food. Mee hoon (i don't know how to spell it) and two sausages. 

Hana's gonna be so pissed if she finds out that i put up this picture

Later that day, of course, prize giving ceremony which i was not interested in. 

Duhh, i don't get any prize, why should i be?




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