Kalau korang cakap korang tak pernah jealous,
sumpah menipu gila.
nak temberang pun agak-agak la kan
mau je aku buat macam ni kat korang

i'm currently jealous with lots of people
of their smartness
their sense of humor
their wealth 
their life
the opportunities that come knocking at their doors
and we just wanna be them

sometimes we'll just wonder 
why can't we be like them?
are we that stupid?
the stupidity was genetically passed down or something?

but the truth is

we're just as smart as them;
we didn't notice
we're just as rich;
but we're never satisfied of what we have
we had the same opportunities;
we were too ignorant

so do you still think that the stupidity was passed down?
or the laziness overcame us all this while?

the thing that you should believe in is
there are millions of other people who would die to be in your shoes..

so just live your life
and keep rocking :D



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