i know i'm gonna miss it.

warning : this post might be the longest i have ever written so prepare yourself

i don't know why but what i notice is, today, everyone's talking about high school.

Had a really long chat today with Splashers + Irda Amelia Suhaimi. Just a normal chat. Then, all of a sudden, she showed us her song book
*Irda is a famous singer in our school, ya know. Singer/songwriter ;)

She sang us some of her songs. I have to admit. She sounded awesome! Very talented. She could make her own rhythm, lyrics..
Me? Lyrics. Just lyrics. Oh pleasee, i suck at rhythms. When she sang, i had some sort of goosebumps. Don't know why. Then, she said she could play guitar when she sings. I compare her with me.

Can i play? Yes.
Can i sing AND play? No.

After that she continued her singing. While she was singing, i pictured all of us at my house, sitting around my piano. I'll play the piano, Irda will be singing, Niena can handle the guitar, perhaps and the others can handle the backups. Then maybe i can turn on the chandelier by the piano. The feeling that i had was too good to be true.

The feeling that i felt at that moments was just so nice. So cherish-able. So soothing. So problem-less. If only it can come true. Fine, if we can't do it at my house, why not Hana's? Hana has a keyboard.

We thought of doing it end of this year. Well, on second thought, why not next year? After all the SPM chaos is over, we can start our own jamming. Irda interrupted me. She said she's going back to USA mid of 2012. 

Wow, we have to quicken every single plans! She wanted a demo tape for herself, so i'll try to make one for her. 

Anyways Irda, good luck for next year! American Idol has always been your dream, right? GO FOR IT.  I know you can do it. Got the talents, got the looks, got the guts? Yeah, you do. 
That was all about Irda 'Brootha' Amelia.

Talking about the entertainment industry, it reminds me of another friend of mine. Nur Hana Ariffin.
Hana, you cakap you tak perasan. And u know what? I'm telling you the truth. U memang ada the model face. The camera loves you. Believe it.. If you sill can't believe it, i'll show you.



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