Final Camp in High School, bebehh!!~~

haven't been posting anything lately
I'm sorry
Je suis désolé, 
Es tut mir leid

Well, school break started on Saturday till next Sunday
but on Saturday itself, i had to attend a camp
I'm not actually taking part in it
but just being an official photographer

It was a Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya Camp
took some pictures, made a video
and, oh yeah
if you wanna see the video, i'm uploading it right now on my facebook
will be done in approximately an hour and a half

about pictures, i promise i'll upload them later
either here or my facebook
so keep on checking!
*me so eviiilll!!*

right now i have to rush to somewhere
tight schedule la, bro
can't even get enough sleep

dengan pakej percutian lagi
normal homework


haha just kidding



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