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Nice, nice photos :D

was on a website and these pictures caught my attention. I do not own these photos. KUDOS TO THE PHOTOGRAPHERS! YOU ROCK MY WORLD! (y)(y)

These are a lot! I put my ten fingers close to each other to ask for forgiveness because you scrolled lots of times to see these picture.
Haha, dear index fingers, forgive me for letting you do all the hard work just to make your owner see these awesome photos. Je suisdésolé!!

punahnya harapan seorang calon SPM 2011

Pada 20 Mac 2011, aku melangkah keluar rumah dengan harapan ingin melihat Hot Air Balloon Fiesta atau dalam bahasa ibundaku, Pesta Belon Wap Panas. Masa tu pukul 11. Pergh. Berkobar-kobar nak pi tengok. First time la katakan. Jakun. Sebelum start enjin kereta, tengok website dia dulu. Ada balloon Darth Vader, Doraemon, clown.. Terasa macam nak terbang sampai Neptune!

Sampai Putrajaya, carik parking dalam setengah jam. Terasa macam aku yang baca lembab kura-kura ni, baca buku sejarah satu bab pun dah boleh habis.

Sampai sana, sebijik balloon pun tak nampak. Semua dah terbang. Hish. Frustnya.

aku nampak lorry ni. Aku mati2 fikir yang ni mesti Starbucks tipu. Not till i saw these..

Memang sahla tu Bintang Duit. Got a chocolate cream chip with whipped cream each. Tapi tall je yang ada   -__________-   LAMEEEEE!!!!
Masa balik tu, we headed north to Petaling Jaya. Gi makan kat Kanna Curry House. Takleh bla makanan dia. Saya ni dah la makan lauk tak leh bercampur, selambe  P. Ramlee je mamak tu …

never will..

kau perlukan kitorang aku tau tu tapi apakan daya, bukan takdir untuk kita selalu berjumpa
wahai teman, aku cuma nak kau tahu disaat engkau memerlukan seseorang, aku ada disini untuk kau jangan segan-silu
kau ada untuk aku bila aku perlukan seseorang sekarang ni kau perlukan seseorang dan jangan kau ingat aku akan biarkan kau jatuh tak pernah sekali pun akan aku benarkan selagi hayat dikandung badan
aku kan ada kat sini? kalau bukan untuk membalas jasa kau apa gunanya aku?  ;)
terima kasih kerana kau ada bersama aku waktu aku memerlukan

you know who you are.. Just come to me and i'll lend a helping hand ;)
akulah salah seorang 'pemburu' mu..


i know i'm gonna miss it.

warning : this post might be the longest i have ever written so prepare yourself
i don't know why but what i notice is, today, everyone's talking about high school.
Had a really long chat today with Splashers + Irda Amelia Suhaimi. Just a normal chat. Then, all of a sudden, she showed us her song book *Irda is a famous singer in our school, ya know. Singer/songwriter ;)
She sang us some of her songs. I have to admit. She sounded awesome! Very talented. She could make her own rhythm, lyrics.. Me? Lyrics. Just lyrics. Oh pleasee, i suck at rhythms. When she sang, i had some sort of goosebumps. Don't know why. Then, she said she could play guitar when she sings. I compare her with me.
Can i play? Yes. Can i sing AND play? No.
After that she continued her singing. While she was singing, i pictured all of us at my house, sitting around my piano. I'll play the piano, Irda will be singing, Niena can handle the guitar, perhaps and the others can handle the backups. Then maybe i can tu…

sleepover tak jadi..

shakireen slept over at my place last night last minute plan je tu..
my other family members pergi airport hantar bibik nak balik kampung kejap bapak pulak keluar pergi mana entah
tinggal aku di rumah bersama Niena dan Shakireen tersayang..
tak lama lepas tu, Niena balik... tinggal aku bersama Shakireen tersayang
masa tu dah dekat nak pukul 7pm shakireen kata dia nak balik pukul 7 aku pun dah mula panik, 
ekau bayangkan, maghrib, tinggal rumah sorang2, hujan renyai2 tak rasa ke bulu roma aku ni dah tegak?
so dia tanya mak dia whether dia boleh lambat sikit mak dia pun tak kesah dia nk tidur rumah aku aku pun macam

malam tu plan nak borak-borak la kan, relieve tension ke, apa ke,  tapi in the end, masing-masing mengadap laptop facebook, tumblr, twitter, blogger, etc.
aku pikir tak pe la, we have the whole night to talk what.. about 1 o'clock, mata masing-masing dah mengalah pukul 2 lebih dah tu
that was so effing early, man even if i was alone, i wouldn't be that sleepy! lantak la, pukul 2 lebih dah ti…


Kalau korang cakap korang tak pernah jealous, sumpah menipu gila. nak temberang pun agak-agak la kan mau je aku buat macam ni kat korang

i'm currently jealous with lots of people of their smartness their sense of humor their wealth  their life the opportunities that come knocking at their doors and we just wanna be them
sometimes we'll just wonder  why can't we be like them? are we that stupid? the stupidity was genetically passed down or something?
but the truth is
we're just as smart as them; we didn't notice we're just as rich; but we're never satisfied of what we have we had the same opportunities; we were too ignorant
so do you still think that the stupidity was passed down? or the laziness overcame us all this while?
the thing that you should believe in is there are millions of other people who would die to be in your shoes..
so just live your life and keep rocking :D



yup, me got back from Port Dickson bukan la mandi-manda, pakai shorts jang oi.. ada hal sikit
went to see our apartment for the first time with my dad and 'brootha' reput sana sini sikit
CONDITIONS: stove: hot plate fridge: kecik, but maybe we're gonna replace  with an extra fridge that we have in our house now. Besar sikit pintu: Pintu lama! So gonna tukar -.-' TV: still working, tadi sempat tengok Zaquan's wedding. Haha! Mattresses: A bit old. Gonna replace 'em too
View: Not bad la.  Kiri; nampak laut Kanan; nampak lake Tengah; nampak volleyball court and gol bola sepak Height; Three levels above shore kott..
so, ni kira promotion la.. afterwards, when we're done with the renovation, gonna let you guys know because we're gonna RENT IT! PRICE: NEGOTIABLE PLACE: CORUS PARADISE


Final Camp in High School, bebehh!!~~

haven't been posting anything lately I'm sorry Je suisdésolé,  Es tut mir leid
Well, school break started on Saturday till next Sunday but on Saturday itself, i had to attend a camp I'm not actually taking part in it but just being an official photographer muhehehehe
It was a Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya Camp took some pictures, made a video and, oh yeah if you wanna see the video, i'm uploading it right now on my facebook will be done in approximately an hour and a half
about pictures, i promise i'll upload them later either here or my facebook so keep on checking! *me so eviiilll!!*
right now i have to rush to somewhere tight schedule la, bro can't even get enough sleep
dengan pakej percutian lagi normal homework
haha just kidding

I do not own this video.
This video was made and directed by my facilitator at the Photography Camp
and he uploaded it on Facebook.
Watched it and love it 100%
Decided that i need to spread this video




Haha, i was so excited He was scheduled to come in the morning but he turned up at around 6.30 but nahh, i don't care :) 
He remembers me and shook my hands. That already made my day, weeks, months! Hahaha.

alaa time ni la pulakkan jerawat aku nak tumbuh...

it's a H day!!

Me, Dictator Retro is hereby declaring that IT'S A H DAY!!
H for Harriz = my brother

Haris = Panic!'s nephew

Hastings Street, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London.



JoHn Travolta

Adolf Hitler

weyh Panic~~

mangkuk bin kambing la kau!! aku suruh kau update, kau update sekentut je kan?! hish! tu pun boleh dapat followers banyak! piiiiraaahhh!!!!

Merentas Negara

I had cross-country or merentas desa on 19th February last month. And it was my last cross-country that i'll ever have. Pretty sad, huh? Usually, people will skip cross-country..
"I got tuition la.. Merentas desa is not even important.." "I have family vacation la" "My legs hurt.."
And some other reasons given by typical teenagers. Sooner or later, they'll realise that they'll miss those moments. I did come to merentas desa last year. But when i got there, people were already in the hall for the prize giving ceremony. Teehee. Retro bangun lambat la.. Sorry! At least i came what...
That's last year! Zzzztt!!
This year....
bajet masculine la sangat..
Mula-mula memang berkobar-kobar la..
start paling depan sekali tau..
Saya plan nak pecut! Siap bagitau geng lagi "Jangan lupa pecut tau!" Pastu ada la seorang makhluk ni bangkang. Dia cakap jangan. Sampai atas bukit nanti, pancit punya! Saya pun surrender je la.. Fine. Diorang nak jog, meh kita…




seriously, people, i feel like switching to tumblr but, nahhh nevermind
I'll try to make my blogger look like a tumblr mueheheheheheh!!
and yes people, i updated the list of blogs i follow ada jugak yang tak update langsung, macam no point je follow kan? buat diorang nampak famous pasal banyak followers, tapi isi, tarak!
and DUDES!!! something embarassing happened to me today i was talking to Blurr about me meeting someone yesterday at the library i even mentioned the person's name without me noticing that that person is right behind me. RIGHT BEHIND MY BACK
i felt so bloody clumsy to the power of  10!
at that moment i felt like taking a scrapper and scrap my bloody face off, and slash my own throat and sprinkle some salt on top
seriously Retro, what on earth?!