RE: Gay itu membosankan

Dear Zooe, ko dengar la cerita aku ni..

I have been having a crush on John Travolta since the first time i saw him. I saw him first on Grease when i was 4 i think. He has the look of a guardian angel and gosh, since that moment onwards, i always blush when i see him. He was so good looking, super hot and i can't find any suitable word to describe him. He is such amazing. I know i was a little, but i wished i can have him. 

He is such an angel. He's the only reason i watched Saturday Night Fever and Face Off. When i was all over John Travolta, my mom was all over Nicholas Cage. Like mother like daughter. Pfft.

He's married to Kelly Preston and she just gave birth a few weeks back.

  And when I said i couldn't find any word to describe John Travolta, i have finally found one.


that's right John. You have just broken the heart of a 16-year-old kid who has been one of your biggest fan since she was 4. Though she cried when she saw you put on weight, she cried when she saw you with wrinkles all over your face, she overcame those problems. But you are gay now

Sob, sob, sob..


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