Some Random Facts..

  1. Don't know why but nowadays, i don't really care of what people may think of me
  2. I don't like to be called matured.
  3. I hate all those mata sepets punya showbiz.
  4. I wanna take anthropology but i know i won't make it.
  5. I love surprises.
  6. I am a stalker.
  7. I don't care whether people read my blog or not, i just write.
  8. I would rather be hurt a few times but not that deep or being hurt rarely but deep as HELL. And lady, i wish you know who you are. Never in a million years i assume it would come from you.
  9. I always find the name Gorgonzola cheese so funny. I'd imagine a tiny godzilla sitting on a cake.
  10. I don't even know why anyone in the world would use the phrase "I love you ketat-ketat," WTF?!!


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