SNPP 2010

world!!! i'm back! haha! i feel good B)

The 3-day trip had been a blast. it would surely be an unforgettable moment for me. Guaranteed.
Day #1
Hah. Reached school at around 6.35am. Departed at 7. Then we reached KL Sentral at God knows when. We gathered in front of McD. That place surely was crowded. Packed like we're cans of sardines! After all the teams had checked in, one of the crews held a banner and asked us to follow them as they would lead us to the departing area. On our way there, i bumped into someone infront of RasaMas. My jaw-dropped. Literally. Thank you Farah for setting this up. I really appreciate it. It surely was a booster for me!

Blablabla, we reached Gopeng town at around 11.40 if i'm not mistaken. The bus driver dropped us in the middle of a desert. We were left puzzled. Then we saw a few lorries there. Hell yeah! That's the best part! Everyone was transported from there to the rest house using lorries! Yeapie!!!! That was nice!
As we arrived we sat at an empty bench, and in front of us were a few boys, Putra Geoparkians from SMK Tunku Putra, Langkawi. They never stopped singing Zombies by The Craberries. Hahaha! Then one of them started singing Fire from Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam. We got along well. Then we checked in, got a couple of T-shirts, a pen, a CD, and a magazine. After that we went to our huts. It was built from bamboos and dried leaves. Coolness B)

Oh yes, during lunch, we ate rice. And before i even get to finish it, a spider got into my plate. Wow. My first meal there was awesome wasn't it? Haha.

That night, we played a game of passing words from a teammate to another teammate. And the moral of the story is never gossip because how it starts is always not the same from how it ends. Pfft. XD

End of day #1

#nowplaying- Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye


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