would you believe me if i say
1. i woke up at 6.30 am on a Saturday morning
2. checked my phone, thinking that someone read my unread messages
3. looking for my laptop, and found out that someone used it, took it to her room and locked her door
4. looked for a duplicate key of her room, barged into her room and took my laptop back
5. played with my laptop, just to find out that last night, i didn't sign out my facebook and skype account
6. have nothing else better to be done, turned on the TV
7. have never watched Frankenstein before so tuned in to CineMax
8. shocked that it's a black and white movie (hahahaha! Lame! i know)
9. kinda like Frankenstein because it has no sound effect at all. So i can focus on the story itself.

it's 8 in the morning now.

#nowplaying-Fearless by Taylor Swift


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