i hate it when i already typed 3/4 and the blogger's autosave is not working =.='

an interesting fact : i downloaded the theme song of Waktu Rehat. HAHAHA, I know right?! I didn't know what to do. Boring gila babeng masa tu..


     Then i googled about the cast. Damn, its really hard to be an actor/actress isn't it?
i pity those kids man, they're just little kids but they are already on gossip columns. 

Case #1

     When i went through their facebook pages, there are a few pictures of them wearing sleeveless blouses. Right down there, a few people commented something like 
"Dik, kita ni orang Islam. Ingat sikit aurat tu." 
I don't mind people criticizing each other, man. That's what we have to do to help our human race. But seriously, do you have to scold them by posting comments like that in public?! Dude, seriously? 

Case #2

     Nak kutuk orang tu pun, agak2 la. Siap buat forum lagi pulak tu dekat internet. Have you ever imagined yourself in their positions? Me don't think so. Kalau setakat cakap tak suka diorang punya acting, takpe jugak. Ni tak. 
"Eww, i'm following her? Gross."
"Eww, budak gedik tu? Tolong la."
     Seriously, kalau nak cakap pakai mulut dekat kawan-kawan je takpela jang oi. Kalau dah nak masuk internet, tak dapek den nak nolong... I don't even know why in the first place, people actually read or write gossip columns.

     Kadang-kadang, kita manusia mestilah mengumpat sikit ke, mengutuk sikit ke. Memang tak lari punya la.
     Tapi agak-agak la. Kalau dah melampau tahap gaban tu, kurang ajar namanya. Kang nama mak bapak hang jugak naik pasal tak ajar anak cukup-cukup.

#nowplaying- Glee Cast-Bridge Over Troubled Water

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