continuation of SNPP Day #2

Day 2 - Part 2

We went there. The first few moments were awkward as we  ran out of questions and the wifey was quiet. Then Encik Bah Azmi came. Hehe, first, they served us some tea and coffee along with some Hup Seng biscuits. Then Mi Sedaap. It was so comfortable there with them. Then i listened to his story about land slide that caused the river water to be dirtier. People all over the world, please pay attention on this matter because these people use the river water to bath, cook, do the dishes, wash their clothes. They are really depending on the river. Kalau air dekat rumah korang berkarat, korang pun tak nak mandi kan? Korang at least boleh la jugak pegi hotel ke, tumpang mandi dekat gym ke. Ni diorang? Kalau sakit pun, klinik bukan dekat.

For lunch they served us ubi kayu, ikan bakar, Sambal Ikan Rebus and a few more. Pergh, sedap gila. Makan pulak atas daun :)

Bila dh habis makan tu, cakap babai, salam, ambik group photo. Pastu pegi balik Dewan Orang Ramai. Ada tarian sewang :D First time tengok.

After that we went back. Got on the lorry again. Weeee :D

Here's the climax of the whole camp. We're given 3 and a half hours to do the presentation. =.='
First time buat Powerpoint without any single transition. That was so opposite of my OCD

Then we presented that night. Sheesh, we ran out of time. We exceeded the 5 mins limit.

End of Day 2

there's nothing much to say. Basically, we had fun there, made lots of new friends and gained experiences which i may not be able to gain anywhere else. Join this camp! And in a nutshell, it's one of the unforgettable moments in my life :)

our new best friends from Langkawi! 
I love you guys so much! Thank you for all the support! 
One of the sweetest memories ever

Angela! Another Georgian friend :)

Friends from Johor :) 

#nowplaying- Fire by The Cast of Camp Rock
(listening to this song brings back some good memories :)


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