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wey Panic~!

Wey Panic! Aku baru sedar yang follower ko lagi ramai dari aku! Tuut kau! Dah la aku lagi selalu update dari kau. Ini gak fair! Cehh. Tengok la..

Wey Blurr! Apa pandang2! Update, update!
Wey Burlesque! Ko update sebulan sekali je! Update, update! 
Splashers! Aku dgn Panic je yang pernah post! Korang bila lagi?! Si Panic ni pun bukannya boleh dikira sebagai 'post' pun! 'Sekentut je' bak kata Hanamori.. 

things do come and go..

things do come and go
sejak dua hari lepas, saya pergi tuition Chemistry di Taipan Senawang. Intensif punya la. 3 days, RM120. Cikgu dia bagus jugak. Hari ni last day tuition tu. Penat bhai! 9 am to 5.30 pm.
But there were Farah, Zatil, Fariszah and Raja there. So it wasn't that dull. 

This morning, i planned to walk around the neighbourhood with Farah. Thought of dropping by at Muzhammil's. When i texted him, he was at the cemetery. Holy crap. I wondered why. He told me a few days back that his grandpa was admitted to the hospital. However, i tried to be optimist. I asked him what happened, and he said his grandpa passed away 2 days ago....
Aku terasa macam baru semalam aku jumpa atuk kau, Muz.. Sebelum kita main futsal hari tu. Aku ingat lagi pesan dia dekat aku...
"Dah habis main terus balik ye. Jangan balik lambat-lambat. Perempuan tak elok balik lambat..."
.. dan tu la yang aku pegang sampai sekarang..

.. Al-Fatihah..

continuation of SNPP Day #2

Day 2 - Part 2

We went there. The first few moments were awkward as we  ran out of questions and the wifey was quiet. Then Encik Bah Azmi came. Hehe, first, they served us some tea and coffee along with some Hup Seng biscuits. Then Mi Sedaap. It was so comfortable there with them. Then i listened to his story about land slide that caused the river water to be dirtier. People all over the world, please pay attention on this matter because these people use the river water to bath, cook, do the dishes, wash their clothes. They are really depending on the river. Kalau air dekat rumah korang berkarat, korang pun tak nak mandi kan? Korang at least boleh la jugak pegi hotel ke, tumpang mandi dekat gym ke. Ni diorang? Kalau sakit pun, klinik bukan dekat.

For lunch they served us ubi kayu, ikan bakar, Sambal Ikan Rebus and a few more. Pergh, sedap gila. Makan pulak atas daun :)

Bila dh habis makan tu, cakap babai, salam, ambik group photo. Pastu pegi balik Dewan Orang Ramai. Ada tarian sewang :D …


would you believe me if i say
1. i woke up at 6.30 am on a Saturday morning
2. checked my phone, thinking that someone read my unread messages
3. looking for my laptop, and found out that someone used it, took it to her room and locked her door
4. looked for a duplicate key of her room, barged into her room and took my laptop back
5. played with my laptop, just to find out that last night, i didn't sign out my facebook and skype account
6. have nothing else better to be done, turned on the TV
7. have never watched Frankenstein before so tuned in to CineMax
8. shocked that it's a black and white movie (hahahaha! Lame! i know)
9. kinda like Frankenstein because it has no sound effect at all. So i can focus on the story itself.

it's 8 in the morning now.

#nowplaying-Fearless by Taylor Swift

More of The Camp :)

Day #2
Here are some pictures of us there 

on the lorry. That was fun!
with one of the dancers of Tarian Sewang
We woke up at 5 in the morning. The water was freaking cold, gotta tell ya. It's like you're showering inside a freezer, using sky water. What?! Anyways, we went to the meeting point at 6.30am. We're one of the earliest teams to reach there. Hell yeah! But when all the teams were there already and we're about to depart to the aboriginals area, i remembered that my tripod was still in our hut. Shoot. Ran back to the hut with Farah. Gotta tell you that i'm a bad, bad navigator. A really bad one. That's why i needed Farah to lead the way. Then fuhh, made it back to the meeting point. Then walked to the main entrance, that's where we assembled to get on the lorries. Felt like cows being transfered to Surau or Masjid for Hari Raya Qurban. Hahaha. 
Arrived at the area and went straight to Dewan Orang Ramai(not sure if that's what you call it) Had fried r…

SNPP 2010

world!!! i'm back! haha! i feel good B)

The 3-day trip had been a blast. it would surely be an unforgettable moment for me. Guaranteed.
Day #1
Hah. Reached school at around 6.35am. Departed at 7. Then we reached KL Sentral at God knows when. We gathered in front of McD. That place surely was crowded. Packed like we're cans of sardines! After all the teams had checked in, one of the crews held a banner and asked us to follow them as they would lead us to the departing area. On our way there, i bumped into someone infront of RasaMas. My jaw-dropped. Literally. Thank you Farah for setting this up. I really appreciate it. It surely was a booster for me!

Blablabla, we reached Gopeng town at around 11.40 if i'm not mistaken. The bus driver dropped us in the middle of a desert. We were left puzzled. Then we saw a few lorries there. Hell yeah! That's the best part! Everyone was transported from there to the rest house using lorries! Yeapie!!!! That was nice!
As we arrived w…

the shitty shit is just around the corner

untuk sesiapa yang tak tahu, i will be going to a camp in Perak this friday dated 10/12/2010. It's about the photography camp that i mentioned earlier.

Nervousness tu confirm la adakan. Excited pun mesti la. Anxiety pun ada pasal tak pernah pergi camp and mana tahu, situ banyak monyet suka curik barang ke, komodo dragon ke (sejak bila la pulak Malaysia ada komodo dragon)..

Another thing that i'm afraid of is laptop. Papa's supposed to give that damn laptop last year, after PMR. But takkan la nak push bapak sendiri kan. Kuang hajar namanya tu. So i gave him some space, terserah dia la bila dia nak bagi. Laptop tu memang dah ada kat rumah ni, tapi dia pakai. Disebabkan dia ni dah terlebih pakai, banyakla document dia dalam tu. Jadi bilo ese nak pakai, dio lambek nak kasi. Ese kato kem tu 10hb, dia kata okay. He doesn't know that i have to install some softwares first and get used to it. So he insisted to give me the laptop before i leave. And if i say i'm going on th…

i hate it when i already typed 3/4 and the blogger's autosave is not working =.='

an interesting fact : i downloaded the theme song of Waktu Rehat. HAHAHA, I know right?! I didn't know what to do. Boring gila babeng masa tu..

Then i googled about the cast. Damn, its really hard to be an actor/actress isn't it?
i pity those kids man, they're just little kids but they are already on gossip columns. 

Case #1

When i went through their facebook pages, there are a few pictures of them wearing sleeveless blouses. Right down there, a few people commented something like 
"Dik, kita ni orang Islam. Ingat sikit aurat tu." 
I don't mind people criticizing each other, man. That's what we have to do to help our human race. But seriously, do you have to scold them by posting comments like that in public?! Dude, seriously? 

Case #2

Nak kutuk orang tu pun, agak2 la. Siap buat forum lagi pulak tu dekat internet. Have you ever imagined yourself in their positions? Me don't think so. Kalau setakat cakap tak suka diorang punya acting, takpe jugak. Ni tak.