it's not for fun.
it's not about playing with people's feelings

it's about making me more mature;
as it changes the way i think
it's about making up my mind;
to choose what's right and what's wrong
 it's about my future;
to know if this would go on
it's about learning how to live my life;
to enjoy this moment as life is too short
it's about me learning about time management;
to manage the time between everything

i know my priority is study
but can't i have some time on my own..
fyi, i've been spending all my life for other people

i always sleep late at night.
and why are you blaming me for doing this though i always sleep late at night?
you know that.

trying to be the person who made me suffer last year?
is that who you wanna become?

there are reasons why i've always been secretive
and one of those is i know you would behave this way.
you would blame what i'm doing right now

for whatever mistake i do, you would always relate it to what i'm doing now.
 but the reality is, what i'm doing now
doesn't make any difference of how i behave to you guys
well, it does.. but what i noticed is i'm trying to be softer, more patient with you guys.

i would accept your criticism...




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