more and more to come

hello, i'm back! Haha, too hyper right now. Brrrrr! Warning: if you find that anything i say is boring/irritating/ annoying, sapa suruh baca? Haha.. Can't help it, too hyper!

So, so and so, i had my Lukisan Kejuruteraan exam today while most of them had their Biology. The questions were unbelievable! Don't wanna say its hard or easy. Patutla cikgu cakap kalau kitorang tak dapat 100%, kitorg fail.. But yeah, i know i won't get 100% because i lost one mark and its on Oblique! Can't believe it! My favourite chapter and i didn't get full mark!

Insane, spotted that careless mistake roughly around 5 seconds before Farah collected the paper! Rina! It's already under your nose and you didn't notice?! Buat malu je! Then, they others were fine, just felt a bit tense though as my LK teacher walked next to me twice. Not good, not good..


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