i'm in a situation when i feel like i've been back-stabbed
you're supposed to be supporting me, not back-stab me..
kalau nak tegur pun, tegur la elok-elok
tak mau la maki-maki, perli-perli macam ni
you're supposed to be there for me.
kalau nak go against me pun, cakap elok-elok boleh?
tak mau perli-perli ye..

i will always be opened for criticism
but! if it's in a good way.
kalau criticism in the way of maki2 orang, sapa2 pun tak nak!

let's switch to another topic, shall we?
oh wait, about the back-stabbing thingymajigy, 
sapa yang makan cili, dia la terasa pedasnya..
harap2 fahamla.. 
tak suka la gaduh2..


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