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more and more to come

hello, i'm back! Haha, too hyper right now. Brrrrr! Warning: if you find that anything i say is boring/irritating/ annoying, sapa suruh baca? Haha.. Can't help it, too hyper!

So, so and so, i had my Lukisan Kejuruteraan exam today while most of them had their Biology. The questions were unbelievable! Don't wanna say its hard or easy. Patutla cikgu cakap kalau kitorang tak dapat 100%, kitorg fail.. But yeah, i know i won't get 100% because i lost one mark and its on Oblique! Can't believe it! My favourite chapter and i didn't get full mark!

Insane, spotted that careless mistake roughly around 5 seconds before Farah collected the paper! Rina! It's already under your nose and you didn't notice?! Buat malu je! Then, they others were fine, just felt a bit tense though as my LK teacher walked next to me twice. Not good, not good..


it's not for fun. it's not about playing with people's feelings
it's about making me more mature; as it changes the way i think it's about making up my mind; to choose what's right and what's wrong  it's about my future; to know if this would go on it's about learning how to live my life; to enjoy this moment as life is too short it's about me learning about time management; to manage the time between everything
i know my priority is study but can't i have some time on my own.. fyi, i've been spending all my life for other people
i always sleep late at night. and why are you blaming me for doing this though i always sleep late at night? you know that.
trying to be the person who made me suffer last year? is that who you wanna become?
there are reasons why i've always been secretive and one of those is i know you would behave this way. you would blame what i'm doing right now
for whatever mistake i do, you would always relate it to what i'm doing no…


i'm in a situation when i feel like i've been back-stabbed you're supposed to be supporting me, not back-stab me.. kalau nak tegur pun, tegur la elok-elok tak mau la maki-maki, perli-perli macam ni you're supposed to be there for me. kalau nak go against me pun, cakap elok-elok boleh? tak mau perli-perli ye..
i will always be opened for criticism but! if it's in a good way. kalau criticism in the way of maki2 orang, sapa2 pun tak nak!
let's switch to another topic, shall we? oh wait, about the back-stabbing thingymajigy,  sapa yang makan cili, dia la terasa pedasnya.. harap2 fahamla..  tak suka la gaduh2..