i plead for your forgiveness

got back from school, and thought of checking farah ahmad's blog, and she's quite new to the world of blogging, so welcome, dear :) then i checked zooe's blog. suddenly, i got reminded of how 'pushy' she has been on me just to make me update my blog. zooe, aku dah update sekarang. puas? :) hahah. baru saya perasan yang my last post was months agoo!!

so i plead for your forgiveness and you should thank Farah Ahmad and especially Zooe for pushing me to update this blog.

anyways, lots have been going on. and of course, raya!


and frankly speaking, there were bittersweet moments during raya. i'm not gonna talk about the bitter moments. so let's talk bout the sweet moments, shall we?

first day of raya : excited to, finally, celebrate raya at my house this year. fyi, we didn't celebrate raya at our house for the past few years. but this year, we did! heeee:D. 
anyways, early morning, we went my aunt's house in Seremban Jaya. eat, eat, eat.. talk, talk, talk.. and we left for KL. went to Auntie Ta's and some other houses. the best part is, i ate Nenek Jojoy's kuah kacang! yeah, yeah!

Second day : Second day is so much better than the first day. People from KL, JB came to Seremban and we had the best mee rebus ever which is my mom's! nyum, nyum :D
the daytime session was for my mom's side of the family.  Auntie Na came from JB, Uncle Iwan from KL came too.
the night session was for my dad's side. at around 10pm,  we had a family photo-shoot at my house. we did varieties of 'em. the dudes, the dudettes (a word i made up), children of nenek jojoy, etc. it went on for an hour.
then, ajim said its the time for mercuunn!! so, we went out side. while waiting for them to set up the fire crackers that they bought, a house nearby 'launched' their fireworks. there were lots of them! wonder how much the owner spent on the fireworks. We were jealous and forced the dudes to set up the biggest one that we bought.
while they were setting up, a different house launched their fireworks. We were already devastated. We wanted to compete with our houses as well so bad. Minutes after that, we launched ours. But it was just one. Its big, but only one. So nothing to be proud of.

The first house who launched their fireworks, launched another big one! Then, i asked my dad some money for us to buy a big, big one. And suprisingly, he did give some money. it was a 100 bucks. So we went to the nearest mercun stall and bought 7 of the big, big ones. Then me and my Along rushed back to our house and launched themmmm!! wahahahahahahahahaha! i could hear evil laughs from some of us, satisfied that we managed to beat other houses. After that, no more fireworks could be heard or seen from other houses. So neighbours, WE WON! thank you, thank you! *bowed for several times*

well, bloggers, that is all i can say for now. Till then! :D


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