i dunno..

i wish i can tell you everything
But the word secret won't exist in my life, right?

Anyways, the London trip's nothing special
Instead of buying a new lens for my DSLR,
I cracked my only one.
I was walking towards Big Ben that time
The strip was tangled i was trying to untangle it.
Then, it dropped. I actually heard people gasping around me. And i was stunned.
So stunned that i didn't pick it up.
My sister did.
So later that day, i had to take pictures using my handphone.

Oh yes, i got myself a Nokia E71.
And my other siblings got theirselves each a Blackberry.

Oh, and i watched Valentine's Day during our flight
From London to Malaysia
I have a question
Taylor Swift is supposed to be a bimbo or she really is a bimbo?
Haha, sorry fans, just kidding..

It's late. I have to go to Jusco tomorrow with the girls.
Whole-day well-planned.

P/s: is it just me or the Malaysian's World Cup ad looks a wee bit silly? (silly is the only word i dare to use)


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