sigh.. :)

yesterday was a sad day..
the last day of our english practical teacher

i created a video using windows movie maker
firstly, i planned to present the video on teachers day
which was on last monday
but since my beloved laptop was so cranky
what to do?
(still waiting for my Macbook, grr. just wait, he said
he's going to give it to me by this week. just wait and see)

so i presented the video on wednesday
it was so tiring, the previous night
i slept at 3.30am!
so tough, synchronizing the beat and the pictures
you can view the video through my facebook

at the end of the yesterday, we managed to make a scrapbook
for her
i printed a few pictures and pasted them in the book
plus a few dedications
but since not all of my classmates cooperated,
splashers had to fake some of them
she'd be crushed if she finds out

anyway, i'm going to london in four days, baby!
i asked kak azeera aka mama about what to do there
can you imagine?
highest temperature, 16 degrees
lowest, 7 degrees!

p/s: i wish it would be snowing during my times there :)

splashers for life!


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