Monday blues~

since this post is kinda special i choose not to put the alignment at the centre

minutes ago
i did check out a few blogs and facebook profiles
and the first thing that popped up in my mind was.
what the hell? 

offences often made by facebook user:
  • they often upload the same picture, over and over and over and over again! i can even memorise the for each pixels! hello sister! there are  previous and next button when viewing people's pictures, okay?!

  • they often upload pictures of the same postures, same outfit, BUT DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLE! dey! if i want to recognise your face from every single angle in the whole wide world, i would have texted you and we can meet up somewhere la! it's totally annoying, did you know that?! and you took the pictures using your cellphone's camera some more! if the definition is high, then okay la! but if your phone's camera got only 2 pixels, bulls**t la! then you wanna do camwhore some more with your lips looking like just been stung by a bee! what la these people nowadays!

  • some more, i know it's your blog but you don't have to put your faces all over it, understand? if i really wanna have a superb look of you, put la a link at the side of your flickr ke, picasa ke.. that want also must teach ah? think la people, think..


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