the clock now shows 1.04am which means
it's way, way past my bedtime
besided, i'll be on duty and will receive an award from MB

it's a big day!

i just read my friend's blogs so gain some ideas
to proceed the writing of this blog
(wah, ayatku tak bleh bla! grammar ntah btol ntah tidak)

anyways, KGV is now so busy with the shooting
of a new movie called 'Budak Setan'
and i'm way annoyed
because if i see a single georgian,
they'll go like
rina, did u here that there's a 4-day shooting in our school?
and I'll roll my eyes..

come on la, baru Anne Ngasri
bukannya Paula Malai Ali ke, Afdhlin Shauki ke
then i heard that Farid Kamil was there too
'boom!' goes the dynamite
then i started to feel jealous

things got worse when i got back from school
 then my sister told me that a cousin of mine
who is currently living in KL,
is now in Seremban because she's having a shooting in KGV
at the same time as Anne Ngasri and Farid Kamil

i was like, WTF?!

of all the people, why my cousin la, dey?!


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