crazy love!

i have lots and lots of things to say
so though these things happened today, 
i will make several different posts

first of all, i read yanie@zoo melaka's blog
and she posted about how she really love Jason Mraz
because of his soothing voice

talking about soothing voice, i got reminded of my beloved Michael Buble
i like his voice because when he sings something,
it'l sound as if he's laughing
and you won't be reminded of bitter memories

besides, he's cute!

but the first time i heard his songs i actually asked my sister
this question (but in Bahasa lah!)
he's dead, right?
and my sister went like,
dey! he's still alive, okay?! and he's still young!

you know, since i have this thing on classical music,
and most of the singers are dead by now,
i thought Buble's already dead!

i saw this picture if i'm not mistaken that made me thought that Buble's dead

seriously, he looks a little bit like Elvis, right?

maybe you denied on the previous picture but you can't on this one!
it's just so effing obvious!

look! he's with Tony Bennet! Argh! and this must be backstage on Oprah

zoo melaka, tak rasa tercabar? smart seyh!!



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