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last minute decision my dad decided to cancel our Rome trip according to his friend who's staying there, a 3-days-2-nights trip won't be enough
so my dad promised that the money which is supposed to be used for the trip will be given to us for expenses and he will use his, to buy an iPad

i was like, whhaaattttt?!! iPad over a trip to rome?
-what a joke-

pack, pack, pack!

the clock strikes 5.20pm  i don't think i can blog any more tonight gotta pack and study!
we had our english paper just now for essays, i didn't have enough time! for the second essay, i only managed to write around 470 words while the other geeks managed to write over 800 words! are you kidding me?!
i'll be having my Bahasa Melayu paper tomorrow wish me luck! the literature section is giving me the creeps! i don't think i can even remember the plots anymore!
Dear God Almighty, please help us in answering our exam papers. You are the only one who can help us please provide us with your blessings. Amin.

a well-planned day

so let's talk about today.. hmm.. around 10am, me and my brother went to my dad's office had to do some accounting stuff profit and loss but the excitement was spoilt by my flu. sigh was sneezing the entire time!
then at about 1 something  we got off that kampung and got back to seremban we were rushing to fetch my bro's girlfriend at the train station cuz tonight, she's gonna sleep at our house both of them are gonna watch The West Side Story at Istana Budaya so, they're going together
at about 2pm my aunt's family and my grandma came to our house chatting, she asked me to burn her son's birthday party's pictures into a CD but couldn't give her the CD today because  i had to do some editing so gonna give her on Thursday morning (big day!)
during the conversation my dad brought up an issue saying that  he has to get back to Malaysia a few days earlier. he has to attend a really important wedding but there's 70% hope green light that we're going to Rome!! oh, yeah! bu…

sigh.. :)

yesterday was a sad day.. the last day of our english practical teacher
i created a video using windows movie maker firstly, i planned to present the video on teachers day which was on last monday but since my beloved laptop was so cranky what to do? (still waiting for my Macbook, grr. just wait, he said he's going to give it to me by this week. just wait and see)
so i presented the video on wednesday it was so tiring, the previous night i slept at 3.30am! so tough, synchronizing the beat and the pictures
you can view the video through my facebook

at the end of the yesterday, we managed to make a scrapbook
for her
i printed a few pictures and pasted them in the book
plus a few dedications
but since not all of my classmates cooperated,
splashers had to fake some of them
she'd be crushed if she finds out

anyway, i'm going to london in four days, baby!
i asked kak azeera aka mama about what to do there
can you imagine?
highest temperature, 16 degrees
lowest, 7 degrees!

p/s: i wish it …


i really wanna be a software engineer but since somebody told me that a software engineer has to be good in add math he blowed the whole shit up! *sigh* how la, dey? i really wanna be a software engineer but i'll take this as an obstacle and i don't know what i'm going to do about it


currently blogging at school! i feel so cool! haha! unfortunately, the school's pc can't play audio. something's wrong with the audio adjustment.. so, this is it for now

Song of the Day! :)

I kinda into this song lately.. it's called Pilihanku by Caprice feat hayad
CAPRICE: his real name is actually ariz ramli (if i am not mistaken) HAYAD: this group's name is actually taken from one of the member's sister's name(i'm not sure whether the members are siblings or not) Her name is Dayah, and if it's spelt backwards. Hayad
Lyrics: (Caprice) aw Man, I think I'm in love bro with this indie girl you know, I like the way she holds the guitar and she's so cute, you have no idea what should I do? are you serious? I'm not gonna wear those tight jeans man no way, not for a girl fine, I'll give it a try, let's go

(Hayad) kau buatku bermimpi auramu ku rasai dekati dan dampingiku jangan kau malu malu
hatiku berkata kau dan aku kan bersama mari kita berkawan jangan kau malu malu

(Caprice) I'm riding on the highway I'm thinking bout my fan How she got me thinking sideways bout the way I treat my fans
like we should never go out but shorty I'mma doubt it I'll ta…


so today, i stayed back at school and zoo melaka taught me of editing a few pictures using  Photoshop or what she calls, kedaigmba but sadly,  haven't even installed Photoshop 7 given by sudents from MMU last month because i'm afraid if it'll slow my laptop down and the only Photoshop i have that i can use is... Photoshop CS 1!
it's okay i can still use it..
btw, in the past few minutes, i managed to edit this picture.. haha

toodles, people i have to go to bed..
p/s: I've been watching Adamaya online, and it rocks!! but i only managed to watch till episode 11 :(


the clock now shows 1.04am which means it's way, way past my bedtime besided, i'll be on duty and will receive an award from MB tomorrow
it's a big day!
i just read my friend's blogs so gain some ideas to proceed the writing of this blog (wah, ayatku tak bleh bla! grammar ntah btol ntah tidak)
anyways, KGV is now so busy with the shooting of a new movie called 'Budak Setan' and i'm way annoyed because if i see a single georgian, they'll go like rina, did u here that there's a 4-day shooting in our school? and I'll roll my eyes..
come on la, baru Anne Ngasri bukannya Paula Malai Ali ke, Afdhlin Shauki ke then i heard that Farid Kamil was there too 'boom!' goes the dynamite then i started to feel jealous
things got worse when i got back from school  then my sister told me that a cousin of mine who is currently living in KL, is now in Seremban because she's having a shooting in KGV .... at the same time as Anne Ngasri and Farid Kamil
i was like, WTF?!
of all the …

Monday blues~

since this post is kinda special i choose not to put the alignment at the centre

minutes ago i did check out a few blogs and facebook profiles and the first thing that popped up in my mind was. what the hell? 
offences often made by facebook user: they often upload the same picture, over and over and over and over again! i can even memorise the for each pixels!hello sister! there are  previous and next button when viewing people's pictures, okay?!
they often upload pictures of the same postures, same outfit, BUT DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLE! dey! if i want to recognise your face from every single angle in the whole wide world, i would have texted you and we can meet up somewhere la! it's totally annoying, did you know that?! and you took the pictures using your cellphone's camera some more! if the definition is high, then okay la! but if your phone's camera got only 2 pixels, bulls**t la! then you wanna do camwhore some more with your lips looking like just been stung by a bee! wha…

crazy love!

i have lots and lots of things to say so though these things happened today,  i will make several different posts
first of all, i read yanie@zoo melaka's blog and she posted about how she really love Jason Mraz because of his soothing voice
talking about soothing voice, i got reminded of my beloved Michael Buble i like his voice because when he sings something, it'l sound as if he's laughing and you won't be reminded of bitter memories awwww~~~~

besides, he's cute!
but the first time i heard his songs i actually asked my sister this question (but in Bahasa lah!) he's dead, right? and my sister went like, dey! he's still alive, okay?! and he's still young!
you know, since i have this thing on classical music, and most of the singers are dead by now, i thought Buble's already dead!
i saw this picture if i'm not mistaken that made me thought that Buble's dead
seriously, he looks a little bit like Elvis, right?
maybe you denied on the previous picture but you can'…

wow O.O'

it appears to be no one reading my blog because no comments, or followers or even a reaction but when i look at the hits, it's gradually increasing!  why don't you consider dropping a comment sometime? or at least tick one of the reactions?


after reading firdaus' post about omegle, i wanted to test the website after chatting with about 12 people who some of them barely know english, then i chatted with someone from turkey
he's a guy, 22, and is studying in a college doing his final year and doing Computer and Controller teaching which means he's gonna be a teacher my first impression to him was he has good sense of humor because i actually asked him this Me  : Please say you're not horny Him : I am horny, but not with you
and then, i was like, Thank God! then i said i wanna be a software engineer he said, me too! then he said he knows how to programme in several different languages  i was impressed!
long story short, he's a Muslim, he's heart-broken
because a girl she liked rejected him

the end
p/s: this is the first time I've ever chatted with a stranger
for nearly two hours!