what am i gonna do?

i've been thinking about my future lately..
of how dumb i am comparing to other people
i feel so humiliated
and i really believe in the quote

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
-Nelson Mandela

my dream is to rule the world
i want to be one of the world's most influential people 
or at least i wanna be influential within people around me..
i wanna score straight As in my SPM 2011
I wanna get scholarship and study my ass off so that i can contribute to my country
if we as Malaysians don't, who will?
Who says we can't be famous if we're in Malaysia and not in the West?
i even planned to study at any private varsities
during the three months break after SPM
i wanna make my parents proud

main courses in my mind
computer science
software engineering

somehow, i'm thinking of being a politician someday

But my main aim is to be a leader in any way

Martin Luther King Jr.


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