after reading firdaus' post about omegle, i wanted to test the website
after chatting with about 12 people who some of them barely know english,
then i chatted with someone from turkey

he's a guy, 22, and is studying in a college doing his final year
and doing Computer and Controller teaching
which means he's gonna be a teacher
my first impression to him was he has good sense of humor
because i actually asked him this
Me  : Please say you're not horny
Him : I am horny, but not with you

and then, i was like, Thank God!
then i said i wanna be a software engineer
he said, me too!
then he said he knows how to programme in several different languages 
i was impressed!

long story short, he's a Muslim, he's heart-broken
because a girl she liked rejected him

the end
p/s: this is the first time I've ever chatted with a stranger
for nearly two hours!


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