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what am i gonna do?

i've been thinking about my future lately.. of how dumb i am comparing to other people i feel so humiliated and i really believe in the quote
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
-Nelson Mandela
my dream is to rule the world i want to be one of the world's most influential people  or at least i wanna be influential within people around me.. i wanna score straight As in my SPM 2011 I wanna get scholarship and study my ass off so that i can contribute to my country if we as Malaysians don't, who will? Who says we can't be famous if we're in Malaysia and not in the West? i even planned to study at any private varsities during the three months break after SPM i wanna make my parents proud
main courses in my mind computer science architecture software engineering
somehow, i'm thinking of being a politician someday
But my main aim is to be a leader in any way
Martin Luther King Jr.

Heil Hitler! hahah!

hahah i really feel like Hitler right now after i've killed mosquitoes  and i could see some dead mosquitoes all over my room! wahahahha
p/s: should i grow moustache?  :)

patience is virtue

since i got straight As for my PMR last year, my dad promised me a Macbook! but till now, like the Malays say, 'habuk pun tarak!' but few weeks ago, he withdrawed some money from a bank he said he's gonna by an iMac for the use of everyone in the house and he's gonna give his Macbook to me.. i don't mind that but till now  i don't see a damn Macbook in my room and a damn iMac in the hall! it's okay.. patience is virtue, right?


i'm unable to publish anything for these couple of days.. i'm really down lonely depressed and more lonely.. looking for someone to talk to.. but there's no one um.. give me a call if you're feeling the same, aite?