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I deactivated my twitter and Instagram again.

I deactivated my Twitter and Instagram for the 15th time two days ago.I hate how social media has completely destroyed direct communications. Social media is the 21st century’s CCTV where people can get the latest updates on someone’s personal life.I hate how it has made people stop asking me personally to know things about me. I hate how people use different accounts to see what I’m doing. I hate how people stalk my friends daily to see who I hang out with. I hate how people tweet publicly and anonymously in hopes that someone specific would get butthurt. I hate the tea spilling concept.Long gone are the usual “Hey, how are you doing?” questions. Long gone are the “Hey, we need to talk”. People can now just shrink their balls and hide behind their cracked-screen phones and hunt people online before they go to bed. And maybe, post a few heartbroken tweets before they fall asleep, wondering what went wrong. When honestly, you can just send a text and say “HEY, DUDE. IS EVERYTHING ALRIG…

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