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Milestone 1: Achieved

A new chapter has begun.

When I look at it a certain way, I can see myself writing page by page of The Life of Rina. And maybe, I’m almost heading towards the centre page of my book of life.

A few months ago, I kinda felt like numb. I didn’t feel that pressure of adulthood and I was basically just living my life. It got me thinking; is this what adulthood is all about? Living life, working just to pay bills? What are, bill-paying robots? Though I don’t have that many bills to pay because I’m still living with my father, I don’t want to be a mere money-making machine.

I was timid and quite illicit when it comes to my life plan. Whatever I wanted to do, I kept it to myself because I thought, why would anyone care about my life plan, right? If I tell people, they would probably thing I’m too ambitious—I run before I could even walk.

But last month, I’ve reached a roadblock. I was put in a situation where I had to choose between one or another; now or never. Two amazing opportunities cam…

Review : Aquaria KLCC

Sunday-July 29th, 2018.

Let me just make it clear: I'm not a big fan of fishes or the marine life. I've been to Aquaria once (or maybe twice) and it didn't fascinate me. But on Sunday, i went there again for the third time, hoping that it would at least impress me.

First impression: the entrance fee is expensive! For Malaysians, the ticket is RM46 for adults and RM36 for children. When the lady over the counter told me the price, my jaw literally dropped. There's no way in hell that i'm going to pay 46 bucks for something that doesn't really excite me. But we bought the tickets anyway, thanks to my partner for paying it for me.

We completed the tour in about 2.5 hours and here is my honest opinion : The whole experience definitely doesn't worth RM46, maybe just around RM35. It was good but it wasn't great. The most mesmerizing part of Aquaria has got to be the tunnel but that's about it. Well, you would probably love it even more if you're into …

Taken from Suhaib Webb's Instagram

Came across my, by far, favourite lessons shared by Suhaib Webb. It's so relatable to this current age and I feel that it is important for us to ponder upon these. Especially lesson 5.

I worked and trained in Azhar mosque and Dar al-Iftā Masriyaa for around three years, and I learned a few things from scholars, some dead, some disappeared and some who chose poverty over fame and comfort 
1. Don't be shy to say, God knows. I don't.
2. Be accessible to people
3. Euridition and scholarship is the ability to provide solutions, not impress people with appearance, style or who one studies with 
3. Offer people hope if it causes positive change, and reprimand them with fear if it does the same but no more, no less
4. Listen carefully 
5. Do not stick to your opinion or freeze the answers in outdated legal ones that may cause more harm than good. Respect scholarly heritage, but don't sanctify it
6. Be a student and a scholar always 
7. Have faith in the ummah because Allah loves them -…

I can't take it anymore

People should stop talking to me like my parents shit gold because they don't (?) and i certainly do not live off them. My father's income may be slightly above average but that doesn't mean mine is. That's his money and i honestly can't remember the last time i asked him for money.
I have a job of my own, which i got by myself without pulling any strings or using any connections. My pay is below average and i try hard to spend within my means.I buy groceries, do my laundry, pay for my transports and bills using my own income. I cook almost on a daily basis to save.  Concurrently, i also have my savings that i do not use in case of emergency. Since you're so smart and jumping into conclusions, do the math and calculate what i'm left with.
So I'm sorry to break it to you but i'm not a cheapskate like y'all think i am. I'm sorry if i don't spend like how i'm deemed to. I'm sorry if i do not spend like my father does because we cle…

Skepticism Against the Malaysian Music Industry

I am quite blessed that most of my friends fairly listen to local songs.
When i went to Faizal Tahir's concert a few years ago at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, i overheard this conversation between two ladies. That time, everyone was already seated and we were just waiting for the show to begin.

"Do you know who he is? Do you know any of his songs?"
"Sadly no! I only know Gemuruh and Sampai Syurga" "OMG me too! *chuckles* entah siapa2 entah. Takpe lah, kita dengar je la."
As a huge fan, obviously i was offended. Why would you come to a concert of a singer you barely know? But what bugged me more was that during the conversation, they kind of carried a connotation that Malay songs are not good enough to listen to. Being in 2018 where the society is gradually becoming more sophisticated and we celebrate liberalism, shouldn't they be more accepting when it comes to music as well? Funnily enough, if you approach these people and ask them why they hate loc…

From housemate to best mate

When i first got into diploma, i was a lone ranger. I was comfortable going places alone, having dinner alone (people were still looking down on solo diners back then).

After my first year, my hostel application got rejected and i needed to find a room to rent. So i rented a room of a semi-d house with strangers. The house was shitty, insanely expensive for the price. It's the second last house from the street's dead end. There weren't any street lights at night. Whenever i had to come back home late night, my guy friends would follow me from behind, let me enter the house and they would lock my gate for me. The street was that scary. The view from my window was thick bushes. It was that scary, might as well be the set of Malaysia's next horror movie.
For a room-for-two in Lendu that provided an aluminium kitchen utensils rack as a wardrobe, RM200/pax is batshit expensive. I wasn't even allowed to turn on the water heater: "Rina, jangan pakai water heater eh? …

To those who like to point out other people's mistakes

I understand that you're just doing your part, being a sister in Islam, to tell other members of Islam what they did wrong. I understand that you're just doing your part as a sister to remind others who have strayed away to come back and practise the teachings of Islam. You want to do your obligations and simultaneously seek blessings and deeds from Allah SWT.

But what if.
What if what you've done and what you've said to the sinners are not drawing them closer to Islam but only turning them away from Islam? Isn't the blame partially on you too? Tak fikir kau pun dapat dosa?
Have you ever thought about that?

Dah berbuih dah mulut ni cakap, berapa kali nak aku cakap?

1. Speak of the beauty of Islam, bukan takutkan orang nak masuk Islam. You're supposed to be attracting people to Islam. Not pushing people away.
2As much as berdosa buat benda haram, mengharamkan benda yang halal pun haram jugak, bodoh.
3. Yes, the ustazs are here to guide you. But remember, they&#…