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July babies birthday celebration

Seems like every single time i post something here, it's always about birthdays, ain't it? Hahaha. I think so too.

But the reason being is that i love birthday celebrations. The intimate ones, i mean. Birthday parties always make my heart full and happy for the rest of the week. Maybe because i spend the day with people that make me feel right at home? I don't know.

Zu's birthday was on Wednesday, July 10th. Syafiq's birthday is next week on Thursday (July 18th). So why not we celebrate these two together? 

We drove in three separate cars and went to Port Dickson. We brought food, snacks, mat, throw and cakes for our picnic birthday party. We drove along the beach to look for a shaded spot. Lucky for us, there wasn't as many people as it usually is.

We picked the shadiest tree, closest to the shore and started setting up the place. It was a beautiful day. It honestly was. The weather was on our side-- it was sunny and breezy.

You don't really need to spend …

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