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Turning 24.

As i grow older, i have come to my senses that not everyone treats you the way you do. And sadly, you can love a person wholeheartedly but that doesn't mean they would even bat an eye on you. In 2018, i learned a lot about disappointments. I had that confidence that some friendships were indestructible since i was inseparable with some people but 2018 proved me otherwise and we drifted apart eventually.

My circle is getting smaller and smaller. For someone who is always surrounded by friends, it felt quite weird at the beginning. Growing up, i read a lot of quotes or people saying that you could only ideally have such amount of friends. I used to count the number of friends that i have. And i always get so happy because hey, i have more friends than you do! I loved being surrounded by friends.

Growing older turns me 360. I enjoy the small company that i have around me, and hey, it's not so bad. I'm much more content with the people around me now. I turned 24 last November …

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