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"I hope you still like daisies"

A few weeks ago, on a Thursday at around 6pm, i was getting ready to go out to celebrate a friend's birthday. My evening was fully packed.Get ready and buy flowers.Leave Bangsar before rush hourPick up cake in Kelana JayaPick up friend in Shah AlamMeet up friend in Seksyen 7 and leave to Klang togetherPick up friend in KlangSurprise, bruhhMy evening was very time sensitive and everything was on track. Till i got a text from another friend:
"Awak. I got hit by a motorbike just now."
What. What. What?! I took some time to digest that. Then i started getting ready as fast as i could and rushed to her. On the way, I alerted my friends i was supposed to meet up later that night that we have to push the plans a couple of hours later. 
My friend was hit by a motorbike right in front of Wisma MPL when she was crossing a four-lane road. The motorbike hit the right light and didn't see her. Thankfully, she was alright with minor scratches here and there. When i picked her up from…

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