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Me, pushing 26.

"It's only a number" is such a poor attempt at denying the fact that we are indeed getting older. I'm turning 26 on November 4th and wow, I can't fathom how old I am right now. I always ask myself "Am i really turning 26?" This life I'm currently living is definitely not how i envisioned it to be when i was in school. I imagined that the 26-year-old me would be married, probably with a child, career-driven, probably working in a corporate company or a PR agency, earning at least RM6k a month. I got none of those right. I also didn't think that i would be as introverted as how i currently am. I barely make any new friends anymore. Not because i don't want to, but because i hardly go out to meet new people. I struggle to post any personal details on my Instagram because i value my privacy that much. I feel uncomfortable to post my daily routines on my social media - i don't know why. I'm starting to get that "Na, you should go out

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