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Should You Go to Good Vibes Festival 2020? An Honest Review

Future Asia has announced the dates of Good Vibes Festival 2020: 14 - 16 August 2020 and i think it's relevant enough for me to give my honest take on the festival.

If you've never heard of it (understandable if you're not Malaysian), Good Vibes Fest is the equivalent to Malaysia's Coachella. Now annually organised at The Ranch, Genting Highlands, the music festival attracts the same crowd that would attend Coachella if this were the United States. People dress all fashionable (most commonly: hippie or bohemian) and they go with their squads. The festival go-ers would feel the need to dress to impress so they look for fashion inspirations and they shop prior to the festival.

The first few years of its inception, i was never attracted to attend mainly because the artists that they brought weren't really the type of artists that i would pay to watch. However, 2019 was the year that i finally attended because i wanted to watch Daniel Caesar, Cigarettes After Sex and M…

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