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Seeing things differently

I remember praying for the things I have today. I remember sitting and crying on my sajadah, asking for what I have right now. 
I was a control freak, that I would go berserk if things didn’t go my way. I was easily ticked off and annoyed. I complained a lot and i was rarely at ease. Simply put, i think i was that cranky bitch that everyone secretly hated. Even i hated myself for that. 
I remember feeling sad for some time because things weren’t going my way. For weeks, nothing seemed right. Everything was just wrong. I was batshit lonely and albeit my friends were constantly trying to help me out, I was still lonely. For weeks. 
Until one day, I decided to rest my case. I did what I should’ve done long ago— leave it as it is and hope for the best from the Almighty for He is the Best Planner.
One day, I took a step back and tried to see things from a bigger picture. So many things have changed within the past few weeks and to my obliviousness, these changes are gradually leading me t…

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