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Five Years Later : The Trauma

It’s been exactly five years since I almost lost my life to hemothorax (punctured lung).

With regards to this, I would like to share a more personal story, from my point of view. If you are new here, let me introduce myself. My name is Rina and I survived a gruesome near-death experience exactly five years ago today. I was repeatedly stabbed to the chest, one stab to the hand and two to my back. This is a story that my friends have heard countless times (too often, I must say) and can probably tell the story better than I can.
I’m not gonna go in-depth on how it went down—that should probably be a separate post or better yet, just ask any of my friends. What I’m about to tell today is truly how it changed me soon after. I rarely talk about this. Not even to my close friends because who likes to feel naked about the vulnerable side of them, am I right?
Here goes nothing.
It was right after they stitched me up. 14 stitches all together. I tried opening my eyes but I felt so weak. I man…

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