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Minimizing your expenses in Bali

Bali is such a money-sucking island, okay. They look good in photos for a reason. Because they wanna suck every penny from you, hence they gotta make it look good. No joke. My friends and i call it the Scam Island for a reason. Okay maybe i'm being a little too dramatic but it's true. So you gotta be wary of your expenses there, especially if you're travelling on a budget to Bali.
Arrange your airport transfer before you land.

Don't forget to arrange for your airport transfer before you leave your homeland. Though there are various airport transfers available at the airport, I recommend that you use Klook or any other similar websites for a way cheaper option. 

Speak in Bahasa Indonesia, if you can.
Traveling to Bali for the second time gave me the advantage of being able to compare prices for a lot of stuff. My first time in Bali was with my family, which was led by my mother, an Indonesian. As usual, they say things are cheaper when you're Indonesian or if you can sp…

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